Streetcar Dogo Onsen Station
Getting on and off a streetcar,
Get on at the back door and get off at the front. Pay the fare in cash
when you get off. (Drop the fare into the fare box next to the driver.)
Fare is the same wherever you go. (160yen)

5 minutes walk from Dogo Onsen Station along a Dogo Shopping Arcade.

>From JR Matsuyama Station;
15 minutes by taxi. (about 1500yen)
20 minutes by streetcar No.5 for Dogo Onsen. Get off at Dogo Onsen Station (the end of the line).

>From Matsuyama Airport;
30 minutes by taxi. (about 3000yen)
35 minutes by express bus for Dogo Onsen. Get off the bus at Dogo Onsen Station.
You can also move to JR Matsuyama Station from the airport by bus. And a streetcar is available.
We can send a map of Matsuyama City. Give us your name and address, please.