Check-in time F 03:00pm
Check-out time F 11:00am
All guests are informed that extension of the use of the room beyond the fixed check out time will incur additional charges as indicated below F 11:00am-02:00pm : 30% of room rate
until 05:00pm : 50% of room rate
after 05:00pm : 100% of room rate
Early check in : Please ask us(hotel staff) about additional charges.

The view of Dogo Hotspring
from entrance

The view of Patio Dogo
from Dogo Hotspring
As soon as you go out, you will see Dogo hot spring that is the most famous and the oldest spa in japan.
You might wear Yukata(like a Kimono) and Japanese sandals, and bring a towel.
After taking a walk in the Dogo area, you may enjoy Dogo-beer and orange ice cream.
iTotal 50j
*price excluding tax
general 1 hour : 300 yen
Staying with us a over night : 700 yen

Copy All size One sheet : 20 yen
Fax . Domestic : 100 yen
Wireless LAN Card Guests only free of charge.
number is limited.
You are also wellcome to use our computer in the OA room.
Please ask us, when you use a computer.
We are sorry we don't have a printer connected to a computer.

Sushimaru TEL:089-932-6157
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(Japanese restaurant)
*price excluding tax
business hours breakfast 07:00am-10:00am
(japanese style only : 800 yen)
Lunch/dinner 11:00am-10:00pm (last orders 09:30pm)
close : week-day 02:00pm-05:00pm
Enjoy japanese food at Sushimaru!