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Let's study Japanese
1.Hello / Hi Kon nichiwa 6.My name is _______. Watashi no Namae wa _______.
2.Good morning Ohayo gozaimasu 7.I have a reservation. Shukuhaku no Yoyaku wo shiteimasu
3.Good night Oyasumi nasai 8.Do you speak English? Eigo ga Hanase masuka?
4.Good bye Sayounara 9.Can I change a traveler's check? Traveler's check wo Genkin ni Ryougae dekimasuka?
5.Thank you Arigato 10.May I use a credit card? Credit card wo tsukaemasuka?
Spring festivalh

7-9 Apr, 2006
Many people is walking in downtown, they are Samurai and princess who is wearing Kimono.
You will be impressed.
gDogo Onsen

Mar 19`21, 2006
If you stay our hotel, you can enjoy this festival.
gInternet cafeh
Sep, 2002
You can enjoy internet in OA-Room at Hotel. You can use it for 30minutes, it is free.
We have one computer, but we don't have a printer, sorry.
gBotchan Trainsh
12 OCT, 2001 `
Japanese history
This locomotive with four jointed driving wheels and a water tank ran on the Matsuyama Plains for 67 years through the Meiji, the Taisho and the Showa Eras. The first locomotive finally become a Rangible Cultual Property of Ehime Prifecture on March 8th, 1968 or Showa 43.
The world-renowned Japanese novelist, Soseki Natsume, was transferred to Matsuyama as a senior hight school teacher in the 28th year of the Meiji Era(1895). He loved taking a bath in the famous Dogo Hot Spring, and often used the railway to commute to there.
His famous novel 'Botchan' pulished in the 39th year of the Meiji Era(1906) uniquely depicted both the Dogo Hot Spring and the railway services of those days. Fot this reason, these trains run by the Iyo Railway Company have enjoyed popularity under the nickname of 'Botchan Trains'

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